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Discussion on: Is there a manual task in your life that you have automated which now saves you time?

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Thanks, and the joy of Trello is that it's not just jobs for the day but jobs in general that you may take ages on (personal programming projects etc). The app is also very good so it makes it a joy to use wherever you are.

IFTTT is amazing but the have just gone Pro so you can only create 3 free applets now, but can make use of many of the other pre-made ones from others. I've used it for all sorts but currently it flashes my Hue lights when my Ring doorbell goes.
One of the most useful work things I used it for was testing an SMS/text system at work. Said system only sent to UK mobiles and our testing team was off-shore so I created an applet to detect the text and email it to the off-shore guys (which was a lot cheaper than sending them a UK mobile, especially after the companies first attempt had resulted in a controlled explosion at Delhi airport!)...

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okay wow that just escalated XD
That is the kind of story to tell your grandkids someday! 😃