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Let's See Your Awesome Workspaces!

Curious how everyone else likes to have their environment set up. Mine is a disaster right now, but man there's a lot of cool computers in that mess :)

Desk with MacBook Pro, aging desktop and 4 monitors

Makeshift server rack and some out of control Ethernet cables

I do most of my work on my 2013 MacBook Pro and my good ol' desktop from university (2 rightmost screens). After a good 6 years of service, he's finally getting replaced with a powerhouse I ordered yesterday.

The Poweredge R720 that is gracefully propped up on the windowsill is still in search of a purpose...I wanted to turn it into a private cloud server and mess around with Docker & DevOps tools a lot. Unfortunately job hunting has taken me away from being able to load some cool stuff on it :(

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I see potential though! Here is mine. I have a thing for skulls... but you probably can't tell lol

DeChamps desk setup

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DeChamp • Edited

btw, I cross posted and linked your post. You sparked an idea for me to post about. Thanks!