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Stacy Cashmore
Stacy Cashmore

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15 minutes ago I finished a panel session at Techorama about women in tech.

One of the questions that we were asked was about imposter syndrome. Is it something that we suffer from, and what can we do to overcome it.

We... As to the do I suffer from it. Well, this is my unpublished list.

List of unpublished blog posts

So, yeah. A little. A lot.

In a professional environment I can push it down and try to fake my confidence. Most of the time. Including being very depreciative of myself. If I am looking for feedback on an idea and I'm convinced that I'm wrong I won't ask "What do you think?", rather I'll say "Tell me why I'm being stupid". My base position.

Outside of work, well - there I don't have to fake it and so I don't. Instead I write blog posts get it to an almost done state and then get terrified that this is where people see how awful I am and stop.

Well... Both of these have to change. So here goes.

I'm publishing this. (17:30 18/05/2021)

Let's count the time to actual published time 😅

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