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Stacy Cashmore
Speaker & Tech Explorer DevOps @Omniplan. Developing in mainly in Angular and WebAPI. Loves learning, reading, music, cars and my family (not in that order!). MVP Developer Technologies
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A while ago Scott Hanselman wrote a blog post about the amount of keystrokes you have left, and how to make them count. You can find it here

Fast forward to today and I have problems 😊

We pass information around internally using emails...
So many emails...
And they always get lost.
Which means that people ask for the same information again.
And so people end up typing that information again.

So, time to listen to Scott, remembering these points:

  • When you are writing something that you recognise as information people are going to need in the future
  • When you are typing more than a couple of lines of information for someone
  • When you can get way more value from what you are doing sharing it to a larger group

Don't send it in an email!

Write a blog post

  • Internal blog post for that information that shouldn't leave the company
  • External if this is information that you think could help people outside of the company

Share the link to the post, instead of writing that email

And so that is what I have started to do. This blog post will be shared internally, as well as in my site to try and help people stop wasting those precious keypresses

Thank you Scott for the idea!

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