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Other 3rd party logging and monitoring tools are Dashbird, IOpipe, Stackery, and Datadog.
IOPipe seems like a viable alternative to CloudWatch, especially if you’re new to AWS Lambda and just want to get started quickly. I can totally see the value of that simplicity.


I just released SenseLogs which is a CloudWatch viewer. Born of frustration with wanting to find app issues and errors easily in CWL.

SenseLogs is an AWS CloudWatch Logs viewer that runs fast, entirely in your browser. There is no server-side services required. SenseLogs transparently downloads log data and stores events in your browser application cache for immediate viewing, smooth scrolling and instant queries. SenseLogs supports infinite scrolling through log data with powerful full text searching.

Read about it here: dev.to/sensedeep/senselogs-a-fast-...

Or just navigate to the app at: senselogs.sensedeep.com/

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