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There are two projects I maintain:

I am the primary maintainer for is a website that provides problems via exercises that need to be solved in a wide range of languages via "tracks".

I maintain the track for the Dart language set of exercises. We just launched this year and have aboutr 11 exercises.

I have Pull Requests that need to be reviewed and I just generally have a need for more exercises to be implemented in the track.

Additionally, any problems or feedback would be useful!

The second project is Probot Arborist: NodeJS-based.

The current implementation is Probot will create an issue when it sees new branches created that don't follow a set pattern.

I haven't spent much time this year getting it setup to read from a configuration file and if I could get help with that, I would appreciate it.


Dart is actually one of my favorite languages! I don't get very many chances to write it as much as I do other languages.

If you have specific problems you'd like to implement or solutions you would like to have reviewed I wouldn't mind helping!

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