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Top 5 Best Practices for Immersive Game Level Design

starloop2020 profile image StarloopStudios ・1 min read

Game level design is part of the game development process that deals with creating the stages, maps, and missions of the game. The main mission that a game level designer must fulfill is to build interactive situations within the game so that the player stays engaged and challenged to complete the actual level, but also to explore the next levels. A good game level design has to make the player wants to spend his free time in that game environment, to explore and offer a game world with a distinct look and feel that necessitates certain gameplay.

  1. For an immersive game level design, do not skip creating a game design document
  2. Make it interactive and fun
  3. Lead the Player
  4. Vary the Scenery
  5. Use denial and reward techniques

Do you think that those are the most important practices?

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