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Know All The Top Startup Investors From India

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Startup Paisa have created a platform for different stakeholders of the entrepreneur world to come to a table and engage with each other directly.
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There are active top startup investors in India, that have become the underlying reason for the boom in startup growth. As we all know it that no startup firm can imagine rising among its competitors unless it is aided with ample seed funding. Startups are newbie businesses that are new to the market. But to establish themselves they need to get their financial backup strong. And it is only possible if they get better funding and support from the best investors. In India, startups have to really struggle a lot during their infant stage of business. Finding an investor is not that easier as one may think of. It is really not possible to think about startup instant success. Most of the startups fail due to a lack of funding and other reasons. However, there are some best examples of startups like Microsoft founded by Bill Gates, MacDonalds by Ray Kroc, and Ford Motors by Henry Ford.

The most challenging task for a startup is to gather a substantial amount of funds in developing and promoting the product. Also, they need to be unique in terms of a new concept with a big approach. But without getting proper funding, a startup tends to fail and all their hopes and dreams to make big gets shattered. However, with the emergence of Startup Paisa, there can be no issues regarding funding your startup. If you own a startup company, then we suggest you register on this platform and get the best investors to end your funding woes. Some of the top startup investors in India are Abhishek Rungta, CEO of Indus Net Technologies, Ajeet Khurana, CEO of Zebpay, and advisor at Kalaari Capital, Ankur Varikoo, CEO and founder of You can search for more names.

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