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How to Influence Investment Decisions made by the Largest Tech Companies

Developer Nation
Our mission is to champion a global collective of software creators who are confident in their technology choices and feel included in the conversation about the future of the ecosystem.
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Every year, more than 30,000 developers from 165+ countries participate in the Developer Economics surveys to set new trends in software development. This is a chance for all developers to be part of something great and set the industry trends, opportunities and challenges for 2020.

The survey is open to all developers involved in mobile, desktop, IoT, AR/VR, machine learning, data science, web, backend/cloud, and game development. It’s not just for professionals - hobbyists and students should take part too!

Speak out about what you’re best or need to work on more. Test your skills and let the world know about the type of development projects you're working on, and your favourite languages, tools, technologies or platforms. Share your views about the necessary development skills, monetisation, training, career development - and much more.

  • Which developer skills are likely to make a difference?
  • What programming languages, tools or platforms are you using in your projects?
  • What training resources do you prefer using?

Developers this is for you - time to speak out.

The insights coming from the survey will be published in the State of the Developer Nation 19th edition report (we publish a new State of the Developer Nation report edition every 6 months), coming up in Q4 2020 and will be available for free download to all developers who take part!

Plus, the survey is packed with pleasant surprises: if you enter you may win one out of USD $15,000+ worth of prizes like a iPhone 11, One Plus 7T, Microsoft Surface Pro, Jet Brains All Products Pack, Cloud Guru license, Corsair Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, plus lots of dev swag, accessories and vouchers or even up to USD $1,000 cash if you refer other developers to take the survey. Hurry up and take the survey!

There is something for the entire Tech Industry here: By taking the survey you help us reach 19,000 responses and donate 1,900 USD to the TechFugees initiative, to help empower displaced people with technology.

The 19th survey wave is now open until August 10th.

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