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What is changing in our Q2 2020 Developer Economics Survey

It doesn't feel that long ago when we ran our first developer survey. Back in 2010, we had just 400+ developers! Curious to see how much the industry has changed? You can take a read of our first report here!

Who are we?

Developer Economics is an independent survey run by /Data, the leading analyst of the developer economy. Our global surveys reach over 30,000 developers each year across 165+ countries, exploring trends and tracking developer experiences across platforms, languages, revenue models, verticals, tools, segments and regions.

We're now getting ready to launch our 19th developer survey!

What's new?

For the first time in Q2 2020, we are introducing Early Bird Prize Draws: if you take the survey from June 1st-15th, we'll count you in the additional prize draw, so your chances of winning are much higher! Sign up to our Developer Economics community to ensure you are notified of our survey launch. If you're already a community member, do take a moment to login and make sure you have email survey notifications set up.

Donation Program

In our 18th survey we were proud to support Women In Big Tech and raised more than $1,700 to their cause. In this survey, we'll be supporting Techfugees and for every submission, we'll donate $0.10, empowering displaced people with technology. We are aiming to raise $1,900 by the time the survey closes.

ARVR survey

We'll also be running our second State of the AR/VR survey for those who have worked on an AR/VR project. This is a chance for all creators and designers who have built Augmented and Virtual Reality apps to offer an outlook on the future and an opportunity to win amazing prizes.

What do we do with the data?

We collect all the anonymised data and create reports, dashboards, insights and identify trends. Part of the data is distributed to our developer community through our State of the Developer Nation Report, our Global Developer Benchmark Graphs and our Global Developer Population report. You can find them all here. Another part of the data is analysed and the insights about emerging trends are traded to support the decisions of our clients. These include leading tech organisations, such as Microsoft, Intel, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Mozilla and many more. We take pride in supporting them to design future technologies around actual developer needs and wants.

Whilst you wait for the new survey to go live, why not download our latest Developer Economics report.

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