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What is a Good Code-to-Team Ratio?

We have recently had a discussion about the increasing complexity of the system we are building and the decreasing productivity.

We've counted 19 domain-specific microservices + 21 UI npm modules that we have developed with two teams (5 + 7 devs) over the course of the last 5 years. Although we've automated a lot of stuff and it allows us to run different technologies (vert.x, Spring Boot, AngularJS, Angular), this has become more of a distributed monolith than a true miroservice-based system from an organizational and deployment perspective and the maintenance costs and feature development costs increase.

In your experience and opinion, what has been a good size of a system (or part of a system) that can be handled by one team? Do you also operate and support? How to you tackle increasing complexity

It think doesn't make sense to have a fixes metric like LOC/person or so, so please share your views on that topic.

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