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Hi! I want to start a project from scratch for improving my knowledge about microservices architecture and some cool technologies. It'd be nice if I found some people interested in joining it. I've thought of 30th june as deadline.

The idea consist in storing some data about your google searches, which links do you click on and how useful did you find each website, and to provice a service for automatically classifying your searches and another one for suggesting alternative websites.

I'd like to implement all this:

  • An API gateway with GraphQL, Node.js and HTTP/2, for better compatibility with the browser and to make it easy to make queries against the back end.
  • An OAuth2 server for authentication.
  • A microservice with ASP.NET Core for saving data.
  • A microservice with ASP.NET Core and Redis for the votation system.
  • A microservice with Django for the clustering algorithm.
  • A microservice with ASP.NET Core and Neo4J for the recommender system.
  • Asynchronous communication among microservices via RabbitMQ. Alternatively, sinchronous communication via gRPC and Protocol Buffers. (Or both, I'm not sure yet).

Anyway, I'm open to any other ideas.

Feel free to contact me!


Sounds interesting! I've been meaning to explore the microservices architecture as well, but am not into .NET. Have done some Node and Django, though (very little). Are you planning on including PHP? Go?

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