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Stefano Bartoletti • Edited

Hi, I'm Stefano, I'm a self-taught web designer and developer from Italy.
Some years ago, more or less when I was 35 (like a old florentine guy would have said In the middle of the journey of our life), I started to reboot my professional life through coding.

I'm a happy openSUSE and KDE user, currently as my main activity I create websites by developing Wordpress custom themes, but I recently put my effort to learn the Jamstack ecosystem and fell in love with Vue, Nuxt and component based development.

I love swimming (I've been in Masters Swimming for years, it is a competitive but non-professional category), cinema (I've been part of the organization of a local Film Festival), history, science-fiction, and, in what is probably a stereotypical trait for Italians, spending time eating and drinking in company of good friends.

I stumbled always more often in articles from lately, so I finally decided to signup.