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re: I've experienced being used when I was nice, hence the decision to leave the nice guy behind me and learning from that mistake. But of course, it w...

In that case, I think you probably could have stopped with "The link I sent is a link to a pdf file."

Saying "What's wrong with you?" is a pretty mean, inflammatory thing to say. I wouldn't hire someone who said that to another person, ever.

The recruiter is still a person. There's nothing "wrong with them".

I think I should've asked "are you ok" instead of "whats wrong with you" 😄

I'm both a student of Software Development and a Tech Recruiter here in London. Whether you're freelance or perm doesn't matter, if you have a terrible attitude and you're rude, why would I put you forward to anything?

You are representing me, as the person to provide the right talent for the job. Believe it or not we don't all take huge bonuses, so I'm definitely not going to risk my reputation with someone who's attitude stinks, and I would expect other recruiters have the same outlook.

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