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re: A small thought : Whats your opinion about adding TLDR section at certain interval?

Hmm, I think a TL;DR can work in certain situations. My posts are getting too long, so it's not a a bad thought. Have you seen an example where it's worked really well?

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I'm a military woman, My name is Aviva Gagudu I am 38 years old and am a single woman, I am from New York City, USA but currently deployed to Syria for a peacekeeping mission an under covered mission.

What does that supposed to do with the topic here?


Yeah . Like a lot. I will stick it here when i get to see another one. The thing is you can reduce bounce rate by adding TL;DR

That's a great point! Maybe even a "Save to Pocket" button next to it would be smart, so it's like "here are the takeaways now, if you want to read it later".

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