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Which trackers do you use?

In order to improve you need to have some kind of metrics, right? (Be aware of Goodhart's law)

I'm doing small research about trackers. I wonder what kind of trackers do you use? Fitness, sleep, food, expenses, heart bit rate, hardware or software - anything.

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Arden de Raaij

My favorite is an app called 'Habithub' where I can add my own habits I want to do every day or a certain amount of times per week. It's based on the 'chaining' technique and I try really hard not to break the chains, even when inconvenient. I mostly use it to track running, going to the gym, make sure I stretch enough and try some new things every once in a while.

I also have a Garmin watch for running, which tracks heart rate, fitness and sleep. I don't wear it at night anymore though.

Other than that I use todoist to plan and keep track of my tasks and toggl to keep track of time I spend on work and sometimes side projects.

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stereobooster Author

You are very organised

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Arden de Raaij

Oh no, I don't want to give the wrong impression here. I use all these things because I'm everything but organized. If I don't list what I'm supposed to do there's a high chance I'll never do so at all, I'm all over the place 😂.

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Jan Peterka

I use MiBand 3 fitness tracker, mostly for sleep data (together with Sleep as Android).

Google Fit passively - it gets my activity, sleep and meditation data, but I don't really use it often.

Toggl is a must for me - mainly use it for work, sometimes side projects. I tried to track every minute of my life once or twice, but it was exhausting.

Sometimes I look into emailmeter to better understand my mail usage and habits.

For expensed I used Wallet until changing bank, which is not connected to this service.

For some time I've been using, which is quite a nice service for finding correlation between data from other sources.

I tried many other services, but nothing for a long time.

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Corey O'Connor

For sleep, if you have an Android phone:

Really nice feature set. Collects lots of useful data.

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Mihail Malo

UPS tracker.