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International Job Search Handbook

Relocation to a foreign country for work can be very exciting and lead to unique opportunities that couldn't be accessed in your home country. At the same time, it's a real challenge – I know it firsthand. You mind becomes inundated with questions:

  • How to prepare a resume?
  • Where to find companies that hire foreign talent?
  • What relocation assistance is typically provided?
  • How to get a work visa?
  • And the list goes on!

That's what inspired me to start a public repository on GitHub with useful reading material, resources, and tools for an international tech job search.

Any suggestions regarding the content? What tools/websites/articles/blog posts are worth adding to the existing list?

PS: If you love the idea, please give the repo some ⭐ stars. It will be a great motivation for me to continue to enrich it. Thanks!

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