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When Wordpress isn't the right choice? Developers Perspective

How you go about building a website is a developer's task. Every project has use cases, and to be able to solve your clients needs and wants, you may choose Wordpress as your first and only option.

Wordpress offers, support, community and plugins, code and many more assets which will get you up and running quickly meaning happy clients and happy profits.

However you may see it, as a developer I don't often recommend Wordpress.

You may think this is a crazy thought, writing code from scratch on behalf of my clients gives me more control and better results in the end for them.

If you build with today's modern technology stacks the output will be great than the overall input, which will in return provide for your clients.

As a developer I say push your limits, don't rely on templates to produce results for your clients. Always be creating and of course don't stop developing.

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Sylvester Nkeze

The exact same thing i tell my Friend. I know coding with Laravel could be a headache sometimes but i still prefer it to working with wordpress

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Steven • Edited

Has anyone tried working with node js and Hexo before for clients? Static-Site-Generators can produce really great results quickly and make for cleaner code in the end. Many clients wouldn't want to update markdown files but depending on the use case it could be more efficient.