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Blaze 2.6 released! 🔥

Blaze, front-end library for Meteor, has just released version 2.6! This is a feature release which will be most noticeable for removal of deprecated APIs from before Meteor 1.0 release when Blaze was tightly integrated with Meteor. This sort of mirrors efforts from around Meteor 2.3. This should affect only super old packages, so if you get issues with this, you should really think about ditching or replacing those packages.

On a similar note underscore has been removed from observe-sequence package, which should be pretty much all of remaining underscore in Blaze. This is an ongoing effort to lighten up the packages.

On noticable new features we have support for arbitrary itterables in #each templates.

All of that being said, work has already started on Blaze 3.0, so stay tuned for this major release!

You can get the latest Blaze by just running meteor update.

Full changelog for Blaze 2.6

  • #330 Removed deprecated APIs from before Meteor 1.0
    • This is potentially breaking, especially for old packages and apps.
    • blaze-html-templates@2.0.0
    • Dependency on ui and spacebars package has been removed
    • spacebars@1.3.0
    • Spacebars.TemplateWith has been removed, please use Blaze._TemplateWith if you need it.
    • blaze@2.6.0
    • Blaze.InOuterTemplateScope has been removed, if you need it, you can use Blaze._InOuterTemplateScope
    • templating-runtime@1.6.0
    • Template.__define__ has been removed
    • UI.body has been removed, you should be using Template.body
    • Template.__body__ has been removed, you should be using Template.body
    • Template.__body__.__contentParts has been removed, you should be using Template.body.contentViews
    • Template.__body__.__instantiate has been removed, you should be using Template.body.renderToDocument
  • #341 Add support for arbitrary iterables in #each templates
  • #358 Make Template.contentBlock consistent with/out data provided
  • #359 Underscore has been removed from observe sequence
  • Updated testing dependencies

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