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re: "This book has been sitting on my shelf for years." Same. Except I've never used it. lol I used a much smaller one with the same title for my alg...

What's Blazor? I've never heard of it.
I've found Cormen's book pretty useful, though in my University most teachers will recommend it to you as "further reading", so we all end up reading it.
In a way, I guess we're all biased towards liking it.


Blazor is Microsoft's new framework that lets you write webapps using native C# instead of JavaScript. I haven't used it but all my C# friends seem pretty excited about it.


Blazor is as Glenn Meyer said. I finally got around to checking it out. There are some really good courses about it on Pluralsight (free for the month of April). I have this little project that I've been stalling on for years and I was thinking of using React or Vue.js for the frontend, but decided to do it using Blazor instead (since it's in the Microsoft stack, chances are pretty good we'll use it at work eventually). I already had some of the back end written using ASP.NET Core and Entity Framework Core.

DevExpress have a bunch of nice free components for it. I'm using the data grid and it's pretty sweet.

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