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Accept more European payment methods + add merchant tax IDs to invoices

carol profile image Carol Huang ・3 min read

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October Developer Digest

Accept European payment methods from anywhere in the world

Payment methods

You can now accept more European payment methods from anywhere in the world without any foreign incorporation or local bank setup.

  • You can accept payments with SEPA Debit, Bancontact, EPS, giropay, iDEAL, Przelewy24, and Sofort with any Stripe integration.
  • You can add these payment methods to Stripe Checkout with a single line of code. No manual activation in the Dashboard required.
  • We'll handle cross-border money movement and pay out earnings in your preferred currency. All your payments—regardless of payment method—will show up in your unified reports in the Dashboard.

Learn more about payment methods.

Stay updated with new features

  • Merchant tax IDs on invoices: You can now enter your business tax ID in the Dashboard or via the API and it’ll be displayed on invoices.
  • Customer portal updates: We’ve added support for updating quantities for per-seat and tiered billing subscriptions, updating customer details such as email or billing address, and redeeming promo codes. Read the guide to learn more.
  • New SetupAttempt object in the API: You can now see the result of an attempt to confirm a SetupIntent with the new SetupAttempt object when setting up and saving payment details to use later.
  • Dashboard flow improvements: We’ve improved common workflows such as managing subscriptions, issuing refunds, sending invoices, and keeping track of customers. Learn more.

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