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Check out the new dashboard logs + join the Checkout beta for metered and tiered pricing

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December dev digest

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  • Dashboard logs updates: The dashboard logs now have a streamlined two-column view, date grouping, and an Object ID filter. Try it out.
  • Checkout updates:
    • We’re testing support for metered and tiered pricing in Stripe Checkout. If you’re interested, reach out to to request access.
    • We’ve improved the buyer experience for Checkout by reducing the initial render time by 65%, as well as adding better loading states for slower connections.
    • Checkout and the Hosted Invoices page can now detect potential misspellings in a customer’s email domain and offer suggestions.
  • New invoice error parameter: Invoice errors now include a payment_method_type parameter for quicker troubleshooting.
  • Connect updates:
  • Stripe is now available in Hungary.

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