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February Developer Digest: New Stripe Checkout features, Dashboard updates, and SDK support for PHP 8.1

New Checkout features for revenue growth

Stripe Checkout now supports multiple features to help your revenue grow, including product cross-sells, subscription upsells, adjustable quantities, and support for email recovery for customers with abandoned carts.
Read more in the docs.

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Link multiple cards in Checkout: Link with Stripe for Checkout now allows your customers to save and select from multiple cards, further lowering checkout friction.

Guest customers in Checkout: The Stripe Dashboard groups all guest payments made using the same card, email, or phone in a unified guest customer view of charges, refunds, and chargebacks. You can enable Guest Customers by using the customer_creation parameter when creating a Checkout Session.

Stripe PHP: As of version 7.105.0, Stripe PHP supports the newest version of PHP, 8.1. Check out the changelog here.

Boleto and Subscriptions: You can now use the Boleto payment method to create recurring payments with Subscriptions in Brazil.


Automate no-code payments: In this episode, you’ll learn how to use the new Payment Links API to create persistent URLs that you can share on social media, via email, by SMS, and more.

Checkout 101 Ruby playlist: Follow along in this video series as we build a Checkout integration.

Tax collection overview: In this episode, you’ll learn how to enable tax collection by adding a single argument to your API calls.

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Stripe CLI pro tip: The get subcommand understands Stripe’s conventional ID prefixes like pi_ and cus_ and can automatically derive the correct endpoint to retrieve an object from. Try it out with: stripe get <object id>.

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Open-source software updates:

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