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Incident response tips from firefighters πŸ‘©β€πŸš’ and new dev foundations videos

carol profile image Carol Huang ・5 min read

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March Developer Digest

Incident response and building resilience

Incident response and building resilience

Learn how to build more reliable and resilient software, systems, and teams in the latest issue of Increment. Highlights include:

Read the full issue.

Stay updated with new features

  • Sneak preview: We're working on an experimental prototype to help you mock the Stripe API for testing and would love your feedback to define the shape of our roadmap. Check out the preview here.
  • Discover cards in Canada: Businesses in Canada can now expand their global reach and accept payments using Discover, Diners Club, and China UnionPay cards.
  • Financial reporting updates:
    • You can schedule and receive Balance and Payout reports on a specific frequency directly from the Dashboard instead of manually requesting them.
    • You can customize which columns to include when downloading Balance or Payout reports from Dashboard or via the API.
    • For a smoother integration process, you can access test mode Balance and Payout reports through the API and Dashboard.
  • Connect updates:
  • Test mode API keys: Previously, the API sent back information for an Account or Person object even when using a test mode API key. To prevent inadvertent access to sensitive fields, we now require that you use a live mode API key to retrieve these fields.
  • Faster Stripe CLI builds on M1 Macs: We now support native M1 builds for the CLI to make your development faster and more efficient. Run brew update && brew upgrade stripe to get the update.

Learn with videos, demos, and guides

  • Dev foundations videos: We’re working on a series of introductory videos on topics like authentication, making requests, metadata, pagination, and more so you can get started more easily and quickly with each of our client libraries.


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