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New Stripe Billing customer portal, Firebase extensions, and guides

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July Developer Digest

We’ve launched the new Billing customer portal that allows your customers to manage their subscriptions and billing details. In this month’s digest, we’re excited to share some resources for getting started with the customer portal and guides on how to implement common subscription pricing models in Stripe Billing. You’ll also find new extensions for Firebase, API updates, and other resources.

Getting started with the customer portal

Billing customer portal

The customer portal is a secure, Stripe-hosted page that lets you provide subscription and billing management functionality to your customers without building it yourself. Customers can update payment information, upgrade or downgrade plans, and more. Here are some resources to help you get started:

Stay updated with new features

  • Firebase Extensions: We rolled out two official Firebase extensions for Stripe Billing that allow you to quickly send one-off branded invoices and run subscription payments to your web apps. Google’s Firebase lets you develop mobile and web apps without managing infrastructure and Firebase Extensions can automate common tasks to save you time.
  • Expanded API responses: You can now reduce the number of API requests you make to Stripe by using the expand feature to retrieve linked objects in a single call, effectively replacing the object ID with all its properties and values. For example, you can see the fees for a given payment, list the charges bundled in a payout, and more.
  • PHP SDK updates: We’ve added a new StripeClient class that lets you interact with the API without using static methods or having to retrieve a resource before using it. Learn more about this PHP client library update.

You can always check the details of the most recent API version (2020-03-02) in our API changelog.

Learn with videos, demos, and guides

Community resources


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– Your friends at Stripe

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