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New UI for onboarding Standard Connect accounts

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August Dev Digest

This month, we’re excited to share a slate of updates that have been highly requested by developers: for platforms and marketplaces, we've completely overhauled the UI for Stripe Connect’s onboarding flow. We've also added support to pay out sellers and service providers without writing code and support for coupons for recurring payments in Checkout and our Firebase Extension. Read on for the details and to explore new samples, resources, and videos.

New onboarding flow for Standard accounts


Connect’s prebuilt, optimized user interfaces help you onboard customers and get them set up for payments quickly and easily.
We’ve improved the UI for Standard accounts with:

  • customizable co-branding to match your company’s look and feel
  • the ability to prefill customer info via the API
  • autosaving and resuming of partially completed forms
  • mobile optimization
  • localization for 35+ countries and 14 languages

Learn how to use Connect with Standard accounts.

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– Your friends at Stripe

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