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Read perspectives on remote software development + re-collect CVCs for saved cards

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November dev digest

Perspectives on remote software development and the future of remote work

Remote issue of Increment

Remote work is even more top of mind now for developers than at the beginning of the year. The latest issue of Increment explores the nature and nuances of remote work, and explores engineering and management practices that support collaboration, productivity, and inclusivity on remote development teams.

  • Remote at scale: Engineering leaders at Google Cloud, HashiCorp, InVision, and Range share their approaches to remote incident response, avoiding silos, and making major technical decisions remotely.
  • Building remotely: How Automattic, Auth0, and Basecamp build, grow, and support remote teams, products, and software development methodologies.
  • Committing to collaboration: A look at how the early open-source movement and version control paved the way for today’s remote software development processes.

Read the full issue.

Stay updated with new features

  • Stripe Climate contributions: With the new contribution type in the Balance Transaction API, you can see your Stripe Climate contributions. Climate lets you contribute a portion of your revenue to fund emerging carbon removal technologies in just a few clicks—no code required. Learn more.
  • CVC (card verification code) re-collection: You can now use Stripe Elements to re-collect a CVC when accepting a payment with a saved card. Having the correct CVC can be a strong signal that the charge is being made by the cardholder. Read more in our payments docs or watch CJ Avilla build a quick integration using the new CVC Element.
  • Payout reversal: Connect platforms can now reverse a payout if funds have been paid out to the wrong bank account.
  • New Quotes API: We’ve released a beta of our Quotes API that lets you provide pricing estimates to customers before starting a subscription or invoice.
  • More options for SEPA Direct Debit payments: You can now set up recurring SEPA Direct Debit payments using iDeal, Bancontact, and Sofort. Learn how to set up subscriptions with SEPA Direct Debit in your Billing integration.
  • Discounts support for Checkout sessions: Checkout now supports a discounts parameter, a more streamlined way to apply discounts using a coupon or promotion code.

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