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I don’t have a CS degree. I got a BSc in Geography in 2000. I worked for a year in some random office jobs, got depressed and started to consider a career change.

I could draw and excelled in art and design at school. I also got on pretty well with computers. So I decided to get into graphic design.

I was house sharing with a guy who was studying CS at uni and he helped me set myself up and introduced me to Flash 5. I got hooked but was nothing more than a bedroom jockey for a while. Then, after meeting my future wife, I moved back to my home town which is a very small isolated community. The local college was looking for someone to come onboard and make interactive content for their student intranet. I got the job, but to be fair I was probably the only person who knew Flash for 200 miles.

We then decided to move back to London and I landed a job creating CD-ROM for the pharmaceutical sector. I did this for while until landing a Flash Dev role with a Gaming company. This was about 2010 and is really the point where I crossed over from being a guy hacking stuff together to becoming af fully fledged developer.

I stayed there for 5 years and transitioned from Flash to Lua to JavaScript, but I felt games dev was a bit of a dead end so started looking into Front End Dev.

Now, after several FE perm roles I am working on a contract basis specialising in React and React Native.

I learnt a lot initially online but mostly hands on in a job.

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