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Marking up FAQ's with

I recently built as an experiement in deploying apps to Digital Ocean's App Platform.

In this article I'm going to breifly explain how I utilised the Rich Snippets / Structured Data FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) Schema to display in SERPS.

The schema amongst others is defined by and allows the following search enhancement

An "accordion" of your question and answer directly on Googles SERP.

FAQ Search enhancement

To obtain this you simply need to add a JSON snippet like the example here.

<script type="application/ld+json">
        "@context": "",
        "@type": "FAQPage",
        "mainEntity": [{
            "@type": "Question",
            "name": "Can you find out who called me from this number?",
            "acceptedAnswer": {
                "@type": "Answer",
                "text": "<p>Often we get asked whether we can identify callers by their phone number, whislt some sites offer this functionality we do not at this point, it may be added in future. We simply help you identify the geographic location the call originated from.</p>"
        }, {
            "@type": "Question",
            "name": "Why does UK Area Codes site exist?",
            "acceptedAnswer": {
                "@type": "Answer",
                "text": "We created to help people look up area code locations for number that are calling them."
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