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Subhan Nooriansyah
Subhan Nooriansyah

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Update Kernel 5.7.7

June 2020 is awesome, get new laptop ASUS TUF A15 with AMD Ryzen 7 with kernel 5.4. The problem had arrived. External display cannot detect. Even thought, laptop has installed thath Nvidia has used to recommended version 440.100. Upgrade kernel 5.7.6 lowlatency made ASUS TUF A15 much better.

New Features

There is an explanation of 12 new features kernel latest version. Warning this for update kernel always check it the installed new kernel is success to booting before delete current kernels.

Tutorial Installation

There are steps needed for installing new kernel version, this the tutorial of installation

But today, July 1 2020 already release a kernel 5.7.7, so let's try to eat the popcorn kernel 5.7.7, i hope that is better.

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