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Create simple cloud resume in html and css.

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Here's how I created my cloud resume for #CloudResumeChallenge.

1. Template

When searching for simple html and css resume templates in GitHub here's I got simple Bootstrap repo.

2. Installation

Either you can clone the template using the steps described in the Readme file. Or download the code and copy the files from repo-name\dist folder.
We need exactly following files for our resume.

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3. Create your resume repo.

In GitHub, create new repository called "resume" with ReadMe file and add the above files to it and do initial commit.

4. Test default resume.

Open index.html file to view default resume you have downloaded.

5. Add/ Modify your content.

Modify the resume in Visual code Editor. I modified following.

  • Change your profile photo in repo-name/assets/img/profile.jpg
  • Modify your basic information
  • Modify your Experience
  • Modify your Education
  • Modify your Skills
  • Modify your Interests
  • Modify your Awards.

5. Commit

After verifying your changes, commit and push to GitHub.

And Your Resume is Ready!

Next Step: Use information on #CloudResumeChallenge to host this local resume using Amazon Web Services.

Thank you for reading! 😊

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