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Sudhir Jangir
Sudhir Jangir

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Roost: Desktop/cloud-based cloud-native application collaboration & health platform

Roost is a desktop/cloud-based cloud-native application collaboration & health platform. Developers struggle to learn or migrate to Kubernetes; this will help them get-going the moment they have it installed.

They can just signup on and download the product.

Developer to developer collaboration: Simplify your multi-developer workflow around coding and testing using Roost collaboration.
A multi-node Kubernetes cluster: to make developers' life more comfortable, and bring them close to the production environment.
Development environment: A complete Kubernetes ecosystem/tooling on one-click options.
Service health and analytics: Monitor the health of your services.
Service change management automation: Manage your micro-service changes/versions in a better way.
Team/Enterprise Dashboard: Get your team productivity insights (number of collaborations, number of image scans, dependent service development efficiency)

learn more at

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