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Discussion on: How would you deal with a client who rejected a prototype because of a "lorem ipsum" placeholder?

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Quentin Sonrel • Edited on

This will seem pretty neutral but as always, there is two ways to approach this kind of situations:

  1. The safe way, which is giving the client what they want, no matter how idiotic it is, we have a saying here in France: "The client is king".
  2. The "how to deal with idiots way": Don't. They don't like how you work? Don't work for them. But you'll have to assume the consequences.

If you need the work, you should take option 1, assuming it's not too late and that you can get the project back. Dealing with potentially moronic clients is part of being freelance, unfortunately.

Now to satisfy your curiosity: personally, I'd take option 2 because the client is just being an idiot there. And I don't like dealing with idiots. But that's also why I'll never be able to do freelancing, so that's just my two cents, don't take this as advice (or do, but again, consequences and all).

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Vicente Reyes Author

The 2 options would be a dilemma to me since 1. I need work because my bank's returning a 404 already & 2. I hate idiotic people(which the client seems to be - no pun intended) hence me paving a way for a 3rd situation which is to persuade the client to do it my way.

The last message I sent was I'd present the prototype via screen share which I 95% think she won't agree with because I feel like she wants to use my prototype and have another provider develop my work that's why I deleted the balsamiq cloud link.

Thanks for the insight, Quentin!