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Progress Report for week 2

This is a progress report of release 0.4 for the week2.
For this week, I worked on two issues, create one pull request, assigned one issue, and asked for a pull request review.

First, As I mentioned in last week's blog post, the two issues that I worked on were Weekly Commit Display issue and Dashboard and Build log unsynchronized issue.

For the Weekly Commit issue, it asked to remove the weekly commit DOM object if the weekly commit is 0 because it is already written below that "No commits this week".

It was like this before I solve this issue.
before fixed

And this is after I solved this issue
After Fixed

While I was solving this issue I made some changes to the git-hub.js file and index.html file.

  1. bind the label and value of the weekly and yearly commit of telescope and satellite. Below is an example of the telescope.
<div id="yearly-commits-satellite">
    <p class="text-sm mb-0 text capitalize">Yearly Commits</p>
    <h4 class="mb-0" id="num-yearly-commits-satellite">&nbsp;</h4>
<div id="weekly-commits-satellite">
    <p class="text-sm mb-0 text-capitalize">Weekly Commits</p>
    <h4 class="mb-0" id="num-weekly-commits-satellite">&nbsp;</h4>
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  1. Edit an inserted number of commits function. I added a condition that if the weekly commit is less than 0 then make the visibility to hidden and if it is larger than 0 make it visible.
if (weeklyCommits > 0) {
        document.getElementById(`weekly-commits-${repo}`).style.visibility = 'visible';
      } else {
        document.getElementById(`weekly-commits-${repo}`).style.visibility = 'hidden';
      document.getElementById(`num-weekly-commits-${repo}`).innerHTML = weeklyCommits;
      document.getElementById(`num-yearly-commits-${repo}`).innerHTML = data.all.reduce(
        (a, b) => a + b
      return data;
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I had some problems while pushing the code to my local branch. Hence, I googled it and try to type the commands that I googled it to push it. But I got some problems. So, I just made changes on my master branch and created the pull request. And I got a comment from a professor that I should not work on the master branch. And he provided the commands which can clean my master branch history. While I was working on the commands from the professor, I got some errors that I need to fix. So, it took me a bit longer than I expected but it was solved.

And another issue that I worked on was the Unsynchronized dashboard and Build log issue. The menu items and the color focused on the current page were not the same.

This is before I solved this issue
before fix

This is after I solved this issue.

after fix

For this issue, I changed two-part in build.html.

  1. I made the menu item of the build.html and index.html the same.

  2. I changed the focus to the build log tab and change the color to the main color of the telescope.

As it is already the end of the second week, I will create a pull request next week.

As I already did three-issue, so, as the family issue is consist of 2-3 issues it should be enough. But it is only the end of the second week. So, I found another issue to work on next week. The issue is also about the dashboard page. I need to make changes to the build log. As this is my first time handling some build logs, I think it will be challenging for me but I want to give it a shot to work on this issue. I think I need a lot of research to solve this issue.

And also from the professor, asked me and minsu, if we can review the pull request about Korean translation issue. Currently, I am waiting for the pull request to create. I am exiting that I can review Korean :D

Overall, this week I had problems with git bash and braches. I thought I am quite a confidence with my skill of git management cuz I worked on lots of labs and previous releases. However, after I got stuck this week. I think there are lots of commands that I need to be practiced. And for next week, I will research and try to solve the build log issue.

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