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How to hire iOS developers (9 questions for a job interview)

Right now, a part of the interview process that I've done to hire iOS developers has consisted of asking candidates about their experiences using UIKit, the knowledge of the MVC or delegate pattern, and questions about the core of the Swift programming language.

Some questions that I've used in the interview have been the next:

  1. What is the init() method for in Swift?
  2. What is the difference between Let and Var?
  3. What is optional chaining?
  4. What are Lazy stored properties and in which case are they useful?
  5. What is Enum used for?
  6. What is a Dictionary?
  7. Explain the Adapter and Memento patterns in Swift.
  8. What are the differences between Struct and Class?
  9. How can you make a property optional?

Also, I ask about their experience with:

  • Apple guidelines.
  • CocoaPods
  • Keychain

A project at home as a complement to interview

A way to complete this interview is by testing the coding skills of the candidate through a project to make at home. I think a good project is to make a "news reader" where the programmer will need to implement:

  • A screen to display the news list.
  • A screen with the details of the news with category and author.

In this application, the developer will need to consume an API and optimize images, downloading, putting them in the cache, and getting them in an asynchronous way.

Let me know what other questions you would use for an interview.

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