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Vui Nguyen

Thank you Arik for writing this post! I have started lurking on, but haven't written any posts yet. I'm still trying to figure things out. I've been trolled on my blog before, and had to start moderating it. Hence, I haven't jumped on the Medium's, etc because of lack of moderation. Also, I was harassed off a Slack group once, by someone I can only presume was angry that I did something they felt they couldn't do. (ie I was sharing the release of my mobile apps to the market. Insecurity may be the same reason for the many hurtful comments you received from the other community.) Anyway, I'm glad you found a supportive dev community, and perhaps with time I can learn to trust again and perhaps adopt this community as well.

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Arik Author

Great to have you with us Vui! Welcome aboard!