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How to Schedule task/script in Windows 10 ?

sunilaleti profile image Sunil Aleti ・1 min read

Hey guys,
Last week I posted a python script on how to sort files w.r.t filetype extensions. And the only problem I faced with that script is I need to run that script manually.
So in order to solve that problem, I used TaskScheduler which is inbuilt feature in windows 10 and created a task to run the script for every regular intervals.

It is very easy to create task and set triggers, and will see in step by step.

Step 1: Open Task Scheduler app

Alt Text

Step 2: Click on create task option on right side panel

Alt Text

Step 3: Enter the name of the task, description(optional) and security options

Alt Text

Step 4: Next, go to triggers and click on "NEW" and set settings as required

Alt Text

Step 5: Now, go to action and Enter the location of script that you want to schedule and click on ok

Alt Text

That's it, this task is automated to run for every regular time intervals

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