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What is TWA?


TWA is generally known as Trusted Web Activities. TWA is related to the PWA which is Progressive Web App an web app which works offline on different screens & OS using service workers. Which is essentially required a browser to use a PWA.

Bit more info

So what is TWA? Well TWA is all about trust which is related to the security. Like is your web app secured even if it's running offline somewhere on a computer? Well, that's all about for TWA starters :P.


So what are the requirements to run a TWA? It requires any Browser. Due to security & etc For android, it runs on only Kitkat + Upper android versions with a browser(recommended Chrome).


Well, guess what wanna make you TWA look like your branding? It can be done in Chrome, Firefox (Not sure about other Browser's). You can customize your TWA to look completely different from other tabs.


A Downside of the TWA is that on running offline the TWA won't show Web pushed Notifications & background Syncs.

About Google Play

And if you are creating TWA so you can publish your Brand web app to people well it has to adhere to the google play store policy. For e.g, fast loading, security & etc. You can check your web app performance using Lighthouse(It's an open-source testing tool for performance, SEO, etc.).

Well, that's all Thank you for reading till the end,
Sunil Chaudhary

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