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AI ignites the rain: Content Storm is back

At Supabase, we cherish innovation and community. How do we combine them together? With a whirlwind of AI Content, of course!

What is the AI Content Storm?

This is our third Content Storm, and on this occasion, we focused on AI. The rest was more or less the same, we invited content creators to create Supabase-related content and publish everything on the same day.

Amplifying the Community Voice

Our community is at the heart of everything we do. Content Storms provide a unique opportunity to amplify the voices within our community. We want to showcase the incredible talents and ideas that reside within the Supabase family. By collaborating with content creators, makers, developers, and thought leaders, we celebrate the diversity of experiences and expertise that fuel our ecosystem.

The aftermath of the storm

More than 40 creators participated in creating content in different formats and everything was published on Tuesday 10th of October, to match with the closing day of the AI Engineer Summit.

The Content Storm is a collaborative effort, and your contributions are what make it truly special. Thank you for being part of this exhilarating journey into the world of AI with Supabase.

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Ruslan ZH

Wow, great list of articles! I'll start my journey to AI with Supabase ❤️