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Smart Customer Analytic Software and Platform

Supakorn Wongsawang
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Project Abstract

Nowadays, shops need to develop their new business models by using Artificial Intelligence because Artificial Intelligence can analyze complex information precisely and provide important information to the business. However, the implementation of the AI system is not that easy because the developer must consider the other parts that are not related to the main part of AI processing and analysis such as deployment, data storage, etc. It makes the development of the AI system more difficult to develop. So, the creator has an idea to develop a private cloud platform that developers can focus only on the part of the system of AI analysis and processing. In this project, creators explore and develop the prototype system for learning and make the software solution that is easy to use, efficient and easy to install including to create software stack to create a platform as well as software to help analyze customer profiles intelligently with deep learning technology that execute on the platform above.

Demo Link

The demo is in the Thai language.

Link to Code

Platform installation steps are in this repo.

And other source codes such as Web Clients, Web APIs, Detection are in another repository in this GitHub organization.

The stack

Engine: OKD (Openshift Origin) 3.11
CI/CD: Github Actions
Message Queues: Apache Kafka
Object Storage: Minio
Database Engine: Mysql
Monitoring Software: Grafana & Prometheus
Backend: FastAPI
Frontend: ReactJS

Finally, I am now graduated. My journey just begins.

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