How to Bypass Medium.com Paywall (Upgrade) and Read Full Article?

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We loved medium, for its simplicity. But no more. They have added a paywall to read their articles. Once you read few articles, they will ask you to upgrade.

We Only able to see the first paragraph, like this:

Medium Paywall

The Solution?


Yes. Articles like these benefit from SEO, they cannot hide their entire content. So they make it visible for search engines and hidden for humans.

1. Log out from Medium.com

Yes. This works well. Just logout from your medium account or open it using an incognito window. Thanks to Fardjad for sharing this idea.

2. Outline to the Rescue

Outline is a simple service which converts normal webpages to a readable format. Since this website caches content before reaching browser, Medium doesn't know if it came from human or search engine. Hence they allow full article.


Medium Article: https://medium.com/..../78a0797259a6

Outline Link: https://outline.com/Ce4fv6

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Or you could read the article without logging in to your Medium account (ie. read the article in a private window).


Nice find :)