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Create rclone remotes to backup up server files to and from GDrive

Step 1 : Login to your server
Step 2: Install RClone (
Step 3: Create a rclone config (if not already present)
Step 4: Refer to docs to check connection process for different cloud storage services (
Step 5: command to copy to my gdrive/rclone/docker-compose-setup folder (already created, remote name is tf-server-backup, destination path is given following : after remote name, just put directory path where you want your files ):
sudo rclone copy -PL ./docker-compose-setup/ tf-server-backup:docker-compose-setup

Similarly, copy from remote to new server (logged in through ssh):
sudo rclone copy -PL tf-server-backup:docker-compose-setup ./docker-compose-setup/

Note: Flags: -P to check transfer progress
-L is to copy symbolic links as well and tf-server-backup is the rclone remote name, after : is destination folder name (here docker-compose-setup) put another name to create a new destination folder and not overwrite existing files (might be incompletely copied)

Can add -v flag for copy progress, else to manually check, open backup and sync from google app and enable sync and choose folders from list, see the size beside folder name then cancel

Bonus: rclone listremotes -> lists all the remotes already present

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