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Best talks you've watched.

Wondering if we can share our favorite talks on programming, Devops, Security or just in general about the software world.

I will share some of my favorites, which are mostly related to Python ~

  • Brandon Rhodes talks telling us the inner workings of the Python dictionary. The original talk from 2010, then followed by the talk in 2017. It helped me immensely in wrapping my head around why it is called a Hash Map in the first place. 😂 And more interestingly why was the Python dictionary used to be unsorted.

  • Ned Batchelder's great talk illustrating debugging tricks used to solve real-life incidents at his work. Like Brandon Rhodes, Ned Batchelder possesses great oratory skills making this a really fun experience.

  • Alison Kaptur's talk on bugs. This actually triggered a really interesting discussion at my current workplace which led to a conversation about nasty bugs we've collectively faced in the past. I found the part about feature flags and server-side gating really insightful. It was something I knew about before, by never really thought of in the context of actually solving critical incidents like the one she describes.

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