How can I replace all matches found in Apache POI?

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The following code I found on StackOverflow replaces only the first match found. I am happy about help how I can replace all found hits. I tried the method "replaceAll" but without result. Because I don't know how to construct a regex. Important: The text must also be replaced in the footer.


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(((Florian Schätz)))

{ } donates repetitions, for example (from the Java Pattern doc)...

X{n} X, exactly n times

So, the only thing you have to do is the escape that:


But of course, inside a String, you have again to escape the backslash, so your solution is...

text = text.replaceAll("\\{City}", "New York")


final String text = "Foo {city} bar {city}.";
System.out.println(text.replaceAll("\\{city}", "New York"));

Results in: Foo New York bar New York.

But honestly, I think such a question is more appropriate for StackOverflow.

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svenmauer Author

Thank you for your answer. If I use your code example, the app does not replace anything. What is the reason for this?

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(((Florian Schätz)))

Hard to guess. Upper and lower case? Try to play around with basic, simple examples first before you add the whole POI layer.