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animation-wrapper-view, declarative animations with imperative controls

animation-wrapper-view is a collection of a well-defined set of component-level animations, that a developer can utilize just by providing some configurations. AnimationWrapperView will add plug and play type support to the already robust Animated API and will take care of all the intricate details of each animation type.


  • Power animation payload from anywhere (backend ? 😉)
  • Extremely light-weight (4KB gzipped + minified).
  • Out-of-box support for iOS, Android and RNW.
  • Great selection of well defined animations.
  • Declarative transformation animations with JSON.
  • Imperative controls to the animation state. (start/pause/reset)

Check out this snack, play around with the library.
Snack Link:
Library Link:

People looking for solving complex animation use-cases with JSON-based payload, potentially server-driven, can definitely have a look! Looking forward to any feedback/feature requests!


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