Deploy your website to Netlify in 2 mins.

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NETLIFY is a platform that offers hosting and serverless backend services for web applications and static websites in just a few clicks.
Its completely free for personal projects, hobby sites, or experiments.

You can directly deploy your site by dropping the .HTML file on Netlify or you can commit your code to Git repository and push it any hosting provider(GitLab, Bitbucket, GitHub). If you don't have a Netlify account then create an account on Netlify.com using any Git provider or Email.

Site from Git

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Click on "New site from Git" to get started with your deployed site in the next 3 simple steps.

Create new site

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You need to choose the Git provider here, for now, let's use GitHub. Netlify will ask you to authorize the access to GitHub, once it is done. You are done with step-1.

Pick a repository

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Choose the repository you want to deploy and host to Netlify and you are done with step-2.

Build options, and deploy!

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To deploy a static website, just click on "Deploy site", no need to specify other options: Build command and publish directory.
Congratulations, the last step is done. Your site is deployed!!

Two best things about Netlify

  1. Your site is now available with URL provided by Netlify but you can change it to whatever name you want to.
    Go to "site setting" and you are free to change your site name

  2. Netlify has Continuous Deployment, every time you commit changes in your repository Netlify will automatically re-deploy the site.

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Thank you very much, I didn't know how to do that so it helped me to deploy bananajs.netlify.app

Any chance for an article on how to deploy a nodejs app made with express ?


I'll definitely try to write one and thanks for the feedback!!


You can use heroku.com for that . Refer their docs it is simple.