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9 reasons why you should learn to code in the age of no-code tools & gain an unfair advantage.

Every month a new no-code tool pops-ups in the market, just like a new JavaScript library or framework.

3 Years ago when I was learning to code (I'm still learning).

I use to wonder if no-code tools will ever replace web-developers. And today I do have an answer.

And the answer is "Never".

No-code tools are great and all, quick to launch and market. Lately many people started to think that no-code means no more coding and developers are obsolete now.

But the truth is exact opposite.

Here are the 9 reasons to learn programming & gain unfair advantage even in the age of no-code tools.

Here is the video on this topic

1. Add-ons / Plugins

How do you create addons and plugins.

Programming knowledge is required to create addons and plugins which run these platforms. Be a creator of these addons not just a consumer.

2. Development Methodology

Code or no-code doesn't matter without the right development methodology.

You need the right development methodology to create something meaningful regardless of code or no-code. And the best way to learn development methodology is to learn to code.

Agile, Scrum, Lean, or Waterfall. Just name it.

3. Security and stability

Your business is at risk.

All your and your project data is integrated with a 3rd party tool. Higher the layer of integrations, higher the level of security risk.

What if they misuse it, what if the tool goes outdated or shuts down.

4. Developer Value

No-code tools make developers / programmers more valuable.

It may seem that no-code tool is here to replace developers, but the truth is that they increases the value of a developer. Because, Now you realize that no-code cann't create what a highly efficient team of developers can.

And, from this comes our next point.

5. Customization

No-code tools are limited in terms of building highly customizable and large-scale platform.

These tools are good to create landing pages, and basic web apps. But they have limitations beyond that point.

Migrations is really tough. What if later on you realize that a specific tool is not fulfilling your needs and you need to migrate. It is not easy to do so.

There again, only a highly skilled developer can rescue you.

6. Learning curve

No-code tools have their own learning curve.

You need to learn and invest enough time to use these solutions efficiently. Some of these tools may take you a week to properly learn and star using.

Well, you can learn and get started with ReactJs over a weekend.

7. No-code tools are machine, but you are not

No-code tools are just machines.

They cann't interact with a client and understand their pain points to build a tailored solution for them. But you can, and that's what makes you invaluable and irreplaceable as a human developer.

No machine can replace humanly interactions.

8. Learn to think

Learning to code teaches you how to think.

When you learn to code, your perpective toward the world changes. You start looking at everything with a more logical approach.

You become a problem solver.

9. No-code is not really no-code

No-code tools are not really no-code.

No-code tools are build on top of code. So, there is no such thing as no-code. It is just layer of UIs to hide the code implementation.

At last, all that matters is code.

At the end of the day, no-code tools are just tools. Tools will come and go, but HTML, CSS, and JS are here to stay.

So, learn them well.

And, that is the true source of developer's value.

That's it for this post, I hope you found this useful, and if so, please show your support by joining the weekly newsletter: 8020 Newsletter.

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