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My hacktoberfest :

Hi guys here i am with my hacktoberfest experience.

What I Learned From Hacktoberfest

From hacktoberfest I've learnt many things. Now I know very well how to contribute in open source projects and how to use github. This was a very nice experience very good initiative by @digitalocean for open source projects.
I loved it and I'll participate very year and I want you all to also participate in this contest.

My tips for you :

1)please try to support open source which are not much popular because I have seen that all the big and popular projects gets most of the PRs .

2)This is one of the main things guys :
NEVER GIVE UP!! Keep going no matter what there will be some PRs of yours which may be listed as spam , cancelled or rejected but keep trying.

3)try to contribute in around 3 projects everyday till 10-15th of October , So your winning chances are higher.more repos = more chances to win , simple logic 😅
Which I kept in mind.

4)And yes guys please do respect the projects rules for PRs otherwise the may list your PR as spam.
And please never ever do SPAM. It's very wrong because the person or team which owns the project has given their or his/her efforts .
So say no to SPAM!!!

5)Guys please do this on your own never ever copy anyone and as per me don't try to do small changes like correcting spelling mistakes or like that. It's ok if your a begginer but try to avoid it.

So guys this was my hacktoberfest experience it's very interesting and helpful for open source projects .

And I am greatfull for winning the competition.

Bye guys keep supporting me!!.

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