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Tutorial on Deploying a Create-React-App Website to Netlify with HTTPS


Click this:

Deploy to Netlify

and click yes to everything!

Is that it?

Yeah pretty much. This process creates a fork of (simply a site that has the output of npx create-react-app deploy-create-react-app) that you can then clone locally and edit. When you're done and git push origin master, your changes will be automatically redeployed.

What do I get?

And many more features

Other ways to deploy

These Deploy Buttons are merely one way to deploy to Netlify.

  • If you have an existing repo on GitHub/GitLab/BitBucket you can simply create a new site from that repo.
  • If you have a local project you can use the Netlify CLI and run netlify init to initialize a site.
  • If you don't want to use Netlify's buildbot and continuous deploy you can run your own build and directly deploy a folder to production with netlify deploy --prod


This tutorial was made in response to this Reddit thread.

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Sung M. Kim • Edited

Thanks Shawn for making it easy to deploy a working site.

I especially liked the redirects configuration in the netlify.toml being added as it'd prevent Page Not Found on Netlify for SPA routing