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git workflow

so I'm working on this project with a group of friends. we break up the tasks between each other. we are using Github as our central codebase. problem is my experience with GitHub is on the basics side which is working on the master branch making commits and pushing to the remote repo.

I need a git workflow including instructions on the needed commands that we can use which is the proper way of doing things(creating branches, merge requests, etc).
hopefully, something that'll be easy to pick up and won't have a steep learning curve.

Thanks in advance

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Rik van der Kemp

I would advise learning about Git first. Make yourself familiar with the command line in order to understand what everything means. I can highly recommend the following video

Once you understand, you can come up with any flow you'd like and use GitHub to make certain tasks (arguably) easier.

But like anything, KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). Do you really need a complicated workflow? Or can you live with just a master and develop branch?

If you are more likely to follow a release cycle with semantic versioning etc, you can opt for the GitFlow principle

But remind yourself, whatever workflow you choose, you need to know the basics very well!

Good luck and if you have any questions do ask...

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River Martinez

If you are already familiar with git and github I recommend checking git-flow, it basically helps to maintain a work flow between branches:

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Heithem Moumni